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  1. What’s in your head when you’re trying to fall asleep?
    I make up stories in my head.
  2. How do you get yourself to sleep?
    I stay awake until I can’t take it anymore.
  3. Are you the villain in someone else’s story?
    I am the villan quite often actually.
  4. What are some phrases you say a lot?
    'Impressive plot twist!' and 'it's so big, you could build a small spaceship on it!'. I invented those and my friends use them as well so I'm pretty proud of them lol.
  5. What’s something you don’t say anymore?
    'lallà!', I used to say that a lot when I was happier.
  6. Do you cry when you’re tired, or is that just me?
    I cry easier.
  7. How would you describe your living area?
    Nice, there are trees and houses, no skyscrapers, not much pollution, people kinda know each other and I sometimes like it.
  8. What’s your most comforting article of clothing?
    My shorts.
  9. How has your style of dressing changed?
    I got from extra-goth to comfy-metaller.
  10. Are you one of those people who never takes the receipt?
  11. Do you lean in to be seen by the camera even though it can see you just fine, and then it looks like you’re slouching in the photograph?
    Nopes, I’m the one that never smiles.
  12. What is an important possession of yours which was a gift?
    Memories I think.
  13. What is your least favourite song?
    All the Italian ones.
  14. What is art?
    For me, it’s doing something that makes you feel happy while you do it. Like you’re doing something special. Even if you throw it away once it’s finished.
  15. What is your accent like?
    Tuscan accent. 
  16. What is the best kind of party?
    Honestly? Starts at 6 p.m., goes on until 6 a.m., lots of music and friends, getting drunk, meeting new people, drawing  and eating chips after the party has ended.
  17. What’s the hardest thing for you to say?
    I love you, probably.
  18. When is a time that you were entirely honest?
    All the time. I just omit things.
  19. What is a family story you know?
    My granddad had a small dog that was named after a city in France his father lived in during WW1.
  20. What is a story about you as a child, or a strong childhood memory?
    Disneyland, eating icecream while cuddling with a Pluto plush.
  21. What was your favourite story or book as a kid? Do you still like it?
    I loved Little Women and still love Jo.
  22. What do you like about cities?
  23. What do you remember from kindergarten?
    Everything. Best time of my life.
  24. What’s something you struggled with in elementary school?
  25. What’s a food you used to dislike that you like now?
  26. Is there a food that you no longer like? Why?
    Strudel. I puked after eating it and now I hate it.
  27. What’s something that wasn’t as good as you remembered it the second time you did it?
    Playing Silent Hill 2.
  28. Are you good at remembering names and faces?
    Not at all.
  29. Is it “Quote-unquote”, or “Quote-on-quote”?
  30. Poke or Cepsi?
    Ceschio di Tervo.
  31. Do you write your notes by hand, or type them up? Both?
    Type ‘cause I suffer from migraines so rarely write by hand.
  32. How do you remember to do everything that you need to do?
    Not at all.
  33. What does your recorded voice sound like?
  34. What is an aesthetically pleasing fruit or vegetable?
  35. What is something you misunderstood as a child?
    Like, I thought ‘spina dorsale’ (spinal chord) was ‘spina d’orsale’ (something like bearish spine?) and didn’t get what bears had to do with human bones lol.
  36. What is a smell you recognize, but can’t identify? What do you associate it with? the cologne the guy I’m going out with puts on. I think it’s sandal but I am not sure.
  37. What was the first wedding you attended?
    My second cousin’s.
  38. What was the first funeral you attended?
    My grandpa.
  39. What is a decision you made when you were young which has affected who you are today?
    Dropping physics.
  40. Where have you travelled?
  41. What ticks you off?
  42. Are you good at fixing things?
    I am good at fixing objects. And the worst at fixing people.
  43. When is the last time you cleaned your room?
    Well that’s a good question.
  44. What is the view out your window like?
  45. Where do you go for space to breathe?
    My room. Then starts writing to my friends on What’s app.
  46. What do you think your handwriting says about you?
    I try my best but always end up screwing things up.
  47. What truth is there to the idea that birth order significantly affects your personality?
    Like, first born, second born? I am not sure, I am an only child.
  48. Who are your family?
    Mom and dad.
  49. Do you like saving things?
  50. What do you do when you are on the phone?
  51. Do you talk to yourself? When?
  52. What is the best area in your living space for taking pictures?
    My mirror.
  53. Can you speak another language?
    English as you can see. I can speak a bit French and Spanish also.
  54. At what point do you think one can be said to be able to speak a language?
    Like, when people understand you lol.
  55. What is the last lie you told a child?
    'Those rocks are actually sharks and we have to catch them all!' …he loved the game.
  56. What is the last lie you told yourself?
    I don’t like him. Because I don’t want to, basically.

That one person who likes going errands with you for the sake of spending some time together and honestly admits it without being afraid of looking weak. Also, crazy nights, lots of beer, forgetting your bag with everything in it and the feeling of relief after finding out your drunk friend had taken it by mistake, so it didn’t get lost after all. I am not the happiest person in the world, there’s a shitload of things worrying me at the moment, I get angry, I get mad, I scream and swear and act like a child but something is helping me float so I’m not drowning in the end.

«Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.» A. C. CLARKE

Rin, 28|02|1988, Firenze. Foxes, aliens, angel wings, sugarfree Redbull, icecream, drawing, animal skulls, bruises, grunge goth and nature.